Friday, March 2, 2012

4-1 Run Pace Calculator

This project has nothing to do with robots, microcontrollers or electronics, but I have decided to include this here as I consider this as a fun endeavour. I found this fun not only because it is an intellectual exercise but because I used the actual calculator in computing for my first 42K Run/Walk Pace during the 2012 Cebu City International Marathon.

The objective of this projects is to create an online calculator that will compute for the "Run/Walk Pace" when using the "4-1 Style of Marathon Running". 

It is consist of 2 parts, the derivation of the working equation and the implementation of the actual "Running Pace Calculator" for the "4-1 Style of Marathon Running". 

The paper detailing the Equation Derivation can be found here. And the actual online calculator is found here.

That's it for this project.

Keep running!!!


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