Friday, April 20, 2012

"Kutitap" - An Anomalous Light Monitoring System

Due to recent events relating to anomalous light incidents witnessed by a friend, I have decided to fabricate a device that will help me monitor the light phenomena with in my home area.

I will be calling it "Kutitap". It is a device that will help me monitor the light phenomena within my home area by logging the light intensities from 7:00 PM in the evening till 4:00 AM in the morning, while I am asleep.

The concept design is shown in the figure below.

By logging  the light intensities within my home area at periodic time intervals from 7:00PM to 4:00AM, the following day, I would be able detect anomalous light activities by examining the graphs (light intensity as a function of time) of the logged data.

My hypothesis is that anomalous light activities would be shown as "high spikes/peaks" in the graphed data. This is because at normal night (no anomalous light phenomenon), light intensity levels vary so little. And since anomalous light phenomena are characterized by high intensity lights, either at short or long duration, this will be shown as high variations in the light intensities.

This "high spikes/peaks" would then be observed through examining succeeding graphs. Its intensity and time of occurrence will be recorded. If such spikes persists within the light intensity graphs of the next 5 days, further investigation will follow.

Further investigation will comprise of a "sky-pointing video camera (and other optical monitoring/sensing systems at hand)" along with actual ocular investigation within the time the spike in the graph was observed to occur.

With this, I hope that I would be able to shed "LIGHT" to this anomalous "LIGHT" occurrences.


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