Sunday, July 21, 2013

The "MoBotGeek Initiative"

Having been brainstorming for a Thesis Topic for my Masters Degree, I have come up with an initiative. The plan is create a Z8F4821 mCU Based I/O board to be used as an interface board for known sensors in the market. "Shared Library" for C++ Programming will be created for each sensor so as to unburden the user from the details of configuring the mCU as an interface board between the sensor of choice and a desktop computer.This board is envisioned to used in research studies and hobbyist projects.

These are the initial features of the board:
  • Analog Input
  • SPI Input
  • UART Input
  • I2C Input
  • D.I/O
  • and PWM
Features will be changed as per advice of my Mentor and "Special Problems Class " Professor.

You can send your advises and/or suggestions regarding the board through posting. 

Will be posting more details and updates regarding this.

Hope to see you in my next posts.

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